About TPLG


TPLG has quickly grown into one of Toronto's top dogs in the pavement maintenance industry.  We are a One-Stop-Shop Full Service Provider of predictive, preventative and corrective parking lot maintenance and construction. We also sell and install various parking lot signs and safety/traffic control products.

Getting The Help You Deserve

TPLG is in the business of saving our Partners time and money, while at the same time enhancing the safety, performance, curb appeal, value and overall life of their parking lots.  We help our Partners minimize and mitigate liability issues related to accidents involving vehicle and pedestrian traffic as well as the headaches associated with a serious safety accident or an extended parking lot closure.

Improving Your Results

Our proven solutions have enabled many commercial, residential & industrial organizations and businesses to overcome maintenance challenges and achieve better results through effective parking lot management.

TPLG Advantage


We proudly employ a team of highly skilled professionals who take pride in their work. Our dedication to customer service means we are always available to take your calls and return your messages and email. You can be sure to you will always meet polite and respectful crew members on every jobsite. 


TPLG always maintains an up to date fleet of vehicles and equipment in order to mitigate any breakdowns on the job.


We offer very competitive pricing which helps to keep your expenses low, where they belong.  We firmly believe that customers should save, businesses should grow and communities should benefit. 


As a leader in our industry we regularly take steps to bring innovation to the forefront of our industry.  Environmentally, we have recently improved our eco-friendly stance in hopes of making an impact on the environment we operate in.

All of our materials are eco-friendly including our popular selection of traffic control products made from 100% recycled tires.    


The Parking Lot Guys Inc. is a fully insured company. We value all employees and associates and recognize the need for a safe and healthy work environment. This is why as of Feb, 2019 we have a perfect safety record of 10 years without an injury.  All employees are covered under WSIB and are fully licensed. 

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