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From big jobs to small jobs we've got you covered.  We have put together a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals who make quick work no matter the size of the job.  Service areas: Toronto - Mississauga - Vaughan - Markham - Durham Region

asphalt in parking lot being ripped up


image of an asphalt patch just paved


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Parking Lot Asphalt Services


Parking lots are a large investment and we, more than anyone else, understand parking lots, hence the name of our company.  Working closely for so many years with property owners and managers we also understand budgets.  Each project is approached individually and no two jobs are the same.  The answers are not "Black And Yellow".  Our experienced estimators assess your problems and put together the most cost-effective solutions along with a some good advice you can trust.  We also issue a full replacement warranty with all jobs.


We provide full parking lot paving, overlays, removal & patching of isolated areas, milling, catch basin repairs and pothole repairs. Our professional and licensed contractors are equipped to handle any job.

machines ripping up asphalt in parking lot
image of asphalt spreader applying new asphalt
aerial image of asphalt paving repairs completed



"Doing it right the first time"  is a term used loosely by a lot of contractors in the industry but a very small percentage actually practice what they preach.


"We use SS1 tack coat to seal the edges" is answer alot of companies will give when asked if they will seal the jonts. SS1 tack coat helps 2 layers of asphalt bond together. It DOES NOT seal joints nor does it prevent water intrusion which is why the asphalt is being repaired in the first place. 


One problem many people encounter after using a paving contractor is premature cracking in new pavement patches after one or two winters.  Simply put, water seeped in the joints, froze causing the asphalt to heave and crack.  Fortunately for our clients this isn't how we do business.


Once the new asphalt is compacted we will route and seal all of the joints with a hot rubberized joint sealer to stop water from penetrating the joints. This also prevents any dirt and debris from lodging itself in and around the joints keeping it intact.  Asking contractors the right questions will help you weed out the bad apples and get the job done right the first time. ASK YOUR PAVING CONTRACTOR IF THEY WILL ROUTE & SEAL ALL PATCH WORK!




asphalt patch routed and sealed around the joints


asphalt patch alligator cracking

Asphalt Paving may seem like a complicated task, but we make it EASY! 

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After the initial contact we will schedule a site visit. During the site visit you can address any concerns or problems you may have with your pavement. If you're not sure, we can do a full pavement inspection including catch basins inside and out to address any problems they may exist. 

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After we address the problem areas, your work is done!  We head to the drawing board and prepare a solution that best fits your needs and budget. We prepare the paperwork and provide you with everything necessary to move forward.

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Once you have received the proposal we will gladly meet again on site and go over all of the details to make sure everyone is on the same page. We want you to fully understand the scope of work being provided.  From here, we provide an action plan.  We let you to choose the date when you want the work to be done and we do our best to accommodate.  

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Once everything is approved we get to work. Once the work is completed we make sure that the job site is cleaned up and no materials are left behind.  All of our paving is guaranteed for 3 years. 

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