More on Parking Lot Line Painting

parking lot painted

A well painted and designed parking lot appeals to your prospective customers or potential tenants since it's the very first thing they see when driving in.  Parking lots designed properly with fresh paint create a sense of safety and organization for the employees, customers and traffic that use them on a daily basis.  Curb painting helps define the parking lot perimeter and enforces designated parking and non-parking areas. Re-painting old, worn out lines is a great way to enhance your property.

pavement markings worn out and hard to read

Before any parking lot or roadway is open to traffic, all necessary pavement markings must be in place, clearly visible and in accordance with local regulations. Pavement line markings, which are no longer applicable, should be removed immediately to avoid possible confusion to the users.

Pavement markings have limitations.  They may be covered by snow, may not be clearly visible when wet, or may not be durable when subjected to heavy traffic.  In spite of these limitations, they have the advantage of conveying warnings or information to drivers without diverting their attention from the roadway.