Parking lots left unkempt can get down right nasty. 

And a nasty lot is just Bad For Business!

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Power sweeping is a fast and easy way to keep a parking lot or pavement surface clean and tidy.  

Power sweeping is a very important tool for any property owner or manager for many reasons. Not only does it create a clean environment for its users, and helps to avoid any liability. It also serves as a maintenance tool that prolongs the life of not only the pavement but any drain system associated with the parking lot. 

Areas we cover for sweeping: Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Pickering, Oshawa.


An important reason to sweep your parking lot is asset management. Sand, gravel, dirt, oil, trash and debris collect on the surfaces. Driving across a lot or road with this type of debris acts like an abrasive, which deteriorates the pavement exponentially.  This same sand and dirt collected on the bottom of shoes or a shopping cart will accelerate the need for routine floor care inside the property as well. These same conditions left untreated can cause trip and fall hazards outside as well as inside of the facility. Maintaining the property with a regular sweeping routine can help mitigate any possible liability.

While Asset management and safety are important reasons to perform power sweeping, the environmental concern is just as valid. Storm drains catch runoff that contains pollutants and materials that work their way into our local waterways and storm systems. The accumulation of potentially hazardous materials in our natural resources will have residual effects on our health and the environment. Regular sweeping can break the cycle of pollutants in stormwater runoff.



Ride on Power sweeping machine

Power Sweeping is great for outdoor and underground parking lots.  Our machines are all propane powered which produce clean emissions.  Regular sweeping is ideal for parking lots as they that have excessive debris particularly along the curbs where garbage, cigarette butts and sand tend to build up.  This build up gets blown as fugitive dust which can blow onto pedestrians and vehicles. We collect all the debris and dirt and remove it off site. Our machines are also very quiet which makes them ideal for night use even in residential neighborhoods.  A regular cleaning regimen will not only maintain the integrity of your pavement, it will keep it looking spic and span.


Ride on Power Scrubber Machine

Power Scrubbing employs water in combination with the sweeper to scrub stubborn stains from any floor surface.  This process is effective for underground garages that cannot be power washed due to drainage constraints because the water is collected by the machine and nothing enters the drains.  This machine can be used in combination with power washing which makes it very effective in removing stubborn stains and reducing the need for chemicals.  It removes all of the dirt from the surface so that it does not enter the small area drains, making the wash process fast and keeping the drains clear. This machine is propane powered making it ideal for indoors.  Scrubbers can also be used inside warehouses and factories to to clean large floor spaces.  

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